Athletics' Mike Fiers Receiving Death Threats Over Sign-Stealing Scandal

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers

While many people have praised Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers for coming forward and detailing how the Houston Astros used cameras and trashcans to tip-off their hitters about what pitch was coming next, not everybody is happy.

Since Fiers spoke out in an article in The Athletic, he has received death threats from many upset fans. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that he isn't bothered by the threats.

"Whatever, I don't care. I've dealt with a lot of death threats before. It's just another thing on my plate."

He was also asked if he was worried that some players might retaliate against him because he exposed how his former teammates were cheating.

"If I'm worried about any retaliation, I'm not going to be ready for the season," he said.

Fiers told The Athletic that his only concern is for the safety of his family.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said that he is aware of the threats and offered to provide extra security for Fiers during the season.

"We will take every possible step to protect Mike Fiers wherever he's playing, whether it's in Houston or somewhere else," Manfred said.

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