Great American Treasure Hunt Clues

Week 1

1.This summer has started off hot; and if you search underwater you’re not in the right spot.

2.This year be ready for week number three, the Jolly Roger may set this year’s treasure free.

3.Hopefully you will be on your way to see a band, but be careful and don’t trespass on private land.

4.When searching for our tiny chest, searching in Georgia wouldn’t be best.

5.Sometimes finding the right starting place can put you in a bind, but don’t plan to dig in hopes of a find.

Week 2

1.This town has a history of gambling and gunfights, but here the treasure will not be in your sights.

2.These storied airmen were heroes of the USA, but if you search here, you might as well not play.

3.Be aware for there could be a fake, but the real treasure isn’t located at Lee County Lake.

4.This town is still known for its advertisement for Orange pop, and if you’re searching here you should definitely stop.

5.This looney tunes Martian is known for his helmet and skirt, but if you search in this Lee County town that would hurt.

Week 3

1.We would all love a beach vacation, so don’t go searching in Smiths Station.

2.A new gas grill would bring you quite a thrill, but it won’t come searching in Griffin Mill.

3.Our treasure is wrapped tight to stay dry, and if you search in Oak Bowery you are too high.

4.The search continues for the right mark, and you can rule out all of Chewacla State Park.

5.What a thrill it will be once it is found, but search in Society Hill and you’re too far down.

Week 4

1.If you don’t find the treasure you may frown, and searching in Salem it won’t be found.

2.The treasure resides near the turtle’s nightmare, near the Pea Ridge if a mail man dare.

3.Many who got the jolly clue thought it was roads. Some lines were concrete, the others flowed.

4.There might be bugs, and certainly mold, to find the treasure you must be bold.

5.We tried to hide it, but the builders said no. So further North we had to go.

Week 5

1.Finding the chest means gifts a new. Look for a good place to launch your canoe.

This year's treasure was found by Rachel Holder from Loachapoka, alongside the bank of Saugahatchee Creek near the Lee Road 188 Bridge!

2019 Great American Treasure Hunt Winner Rachel Holder


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