Coach Gene Stallings, Coach Robert Maddox, Coach Keith Elliott, & More

May 30, 2019

D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton's Hotline, winning the Great Turtle Race, more fundraising plans, speaking on the tragedies Lee County has faced this year, the passing of and importance to the community Rod Bramblett led in the Auburn community, discussion on Hugh Culverhouse Jr. giving $21.5 million to the University of Alabama and wanting it returned, thoughts on free agency in transfer rule, SEC getting more strict on any type of sexual violence

Coach Robert Maddox (Lee-Scott Academy Football) on the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about his retirement after 13 seasons, going over highlights in his career, spotlight on coaches he's worked with

Derek Lee (OPS) in-studio this morning; D Mark gives us an updated weather forecast; discussion on Coach Evan Braun leaving and Richard Brown retiring (both Beauregard High School); coach openings in the area, discussing possible candidates; Auburn Baseball; discussion on how tough it will be to replace the voice of the Auburn Tigers; Atlanta Brave Report

Coach Keith Elliott (Lyman Ward Military Academy Basketball) on the Hamilton's Hotline, calling in to deliver the news on Lyman Ward name change to Southern Preparatory Academy, other possible changes and updates, looking back on history and the recent tragedies in Lee County, updates on his son APD Officer Evan Elliott

Derek Lee on changing the name of the business; "the ever-ending saga of High School Athletics"; East Texas superintendent defending decision to hire Art Briles

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