Coach Pat Dye, Remembering Rod Bramblett, Richard Brown Retires, & More

May 28, 2019

Coach Larry Gore in-studio this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Principal Richard Brown (Beauregard High School) retires; Atlanta Brave Report

Coach Pat Dye on the Hamilton's Hotline, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Rod Bramblett (Voice of the Auburn Tigers) and his wife, Paula...Auburn and its community, Grand National Park

iHeart Radio High School Media Days coming up in July; Jeff's experience with the Coaches Show and Super 7; Summer Swing Concert Series presents Crossroads this evening and Noon Tunes presents Strawberry Whine tomorrow; SEC brackets

Richard Brown (Beauregard High School) on the Hamilton's Hotline, announced his retirement on Friday after 50 years, processing the fact, looking back over his career

What did everyone do for Memorial Day?; Councilman Bub on the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about his Memorial Day weekend, the "Chosen One" was in town this weekend, talking about Rod Bramblett

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