Coach Gene Stallings, Lottery & Gas Taxes, Opelika Power Services, & More

May 23, 2019

D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing the Johnny Stallings Memorial Great Turtle Race Fundraiser, talking about Johnny, the love of fundraising

Auburn lost in Baseball yesterday; Grand National Tournament standings; Atlanta Brave report; Bub on the Hamilton's Hotline, what happened with the lottery situation in Alabama, thinking back to the gas tax in Alabama

Updates on SEC Baseball Tournament; AHSAA out of another lawsuit (St. Paul)

Derek Lee (Opelika Power Services) in-studio this morning, bringing in the next segment and giving us an updated weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer), thank you to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country and thanks to those who currently serve our country; D Mark reflects on his visit with Coach Robert Maddox yesterday; updates with Derek and his family, graduations and honors day

Going into college versus signing into the minor leagues

Auburn Ladies Golf; local events coming up

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