Kiwanis On The Air: Bob Harris, Judge Russell Bush, Mary Roberson & More

May 16, 2019

D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton's Hotline, updates in Texas, fundraising events

Bob Harris (President of Kiwanis Club) & Malcolm Prather (premiere member) & Diane Brennan Knapp (member and former radio enthusiast) in-studio this morning for "Kiwanis On The Air", breaking down the mission and history behind the organization, recognizing sponsors

Continuing "Kiwanis On The Air", learning about Diane Brennan Knapp's career in radio and psychiatric nursing and Malcolm's experience in the Korean War and being on stage with Marilyn Monroe

Opelika Spring Game against Valley tomorrow; continuing "Kiwanis On The Air", mentioning sponsors, projects tackled by Kiwanis, how many members the organization has and how new members can join

D Mark gives us an updated weather forecast; Auburn & Central Softball; Judge Russell Bush & Mary Roberson (Lee County Circuit Clerk) in-studio this morning; continuing "Kiwanis On The Air"

Conversation with Judge Bush and Diane continues; recognizing sponsors for "Kiwanis On The Air"; Richard LaGrand joins the studio; more projects discussed through Kiwanis

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