EAMC COVID-19 census hits 88 headed into the weekend


In the two weeks since Christmas Day, EAMC has seen an increase of 41 COVID-19 hospitalizations and set new record highs on 8 of the past 14 days. EAMC and EAMC-Lanier had a combined COVID census of 88 as of this morning. 

“To meet this increased need, we have reassigned beds and staff, and postponed many of the elective procedures that require hospitalization,” said John Atkinson, EAMC spokesman. “COVID hospitalizations in Alabama have exceeded 3,000 four of the past five days. That number was down to 703 back on September 25 after previously peaking at 1,613 in early August.”


The Alabama Department of Public Health announced via a press release today that residents age 75 and older would be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine by appointment only beginning on January 18. EAMC is one of the locations available for a vaccine, and will accept appointment requests from residents of Chambers, Lee and Macon counties.

EAMC officials are asking that residents age 75 and older be registered through the following link: https://apps.eamc.org/Secure/VaccineRegistration. Please do NOT call the hospital directly for vaccine appointments as it ties up the phone lines and could block important patient care calls.

“We do ask for everyone’s patience during the start-up as the two teams making the appointments and administering the vaccines are the same ones who are taking calls for COVID testing and providing vaccines (1st or 2nd doses) to healthcare workers,” Atkinson stated. “We have heard of a handful of area pharmacies receiving some vaccine as well, so hopefully as more doses become available locally, the rollout will take place faster.”

EAMC 1_8_2021 Update

EAMC 1_8_2021 Update