Opelika City Council Meeting, "Manly Mondays", School Shooting in Colorado

May 8, 2019

Mayor Gary Fuller and Coach Dan Washburn in-studio this morning; Jeff brings in the "first place in low net" from yesterday; LPGA in May; notes from last night's Opelika City Council Meeting

Keeping up with city business; Atlanta Brave Report; Kentucky Derby

Mind games; Coach Washburn's conversation with Coach Savarese; Atlanta pitcher

Noon Tunes today; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by The Opelika Observer); Spring training; news out of Athens, AL on "Manly Mondays" by Coach Cody Gross - the importance of first impressions and life lessons; Auburn Golf; school shooting in Colorado

Top Ten Baseball standings; SEC Softball games towards the tournament today & standings

FOX Sports Radio beginning July 1st; Coach Savarese coming on the show tomorrow morning

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