Hendricks on Auburn High Softball, The Pool Incident, Orthopaedic Clinic

May 3, 2019

D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by The Opelika Observer); local sports; Coach Matt Hendricks (Auburn High Softball) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing format in regionals, pitching in last night's game, tournament this week, player spotlights

Bob (Mrs. Storey's Dairy Bar) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing Jeff falling in the pool, getting the story straight, Top Golf

Audio of "bad tweets"; area baseball playoffs from yesterday

D Mark gives us an updated weather forecast, nasty weather for Kentucky Derby this weekend; Jeff's masterpiece from Junior High; Daniel Moore, artist of the sports memorabilia, inducted into the Hall of Fame last weekend and sent D Mark a gift; Atlanta Brave Report; Caller on the Hamilton's Hotline, wanting to know more about Jeff falling in the pool and questions on his artwork

Terry Rosenthal (CEO, Orthopaedic Clinic) on the Hamilton's Hotline, we're still discussing Jeff's pool incident, Spring sports, Coach Nick Saban's hip surgery & modern-day medicine, healthy recovery for any injuries with travel ball coming up

Show close-out

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