Opelika Track, Coach Erik Speakman on Opelika Football, Dr. Lloyd Nix

April 29, 2019

Coach Dan Washburn in-studio this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by The Opelika Observer); Coach Pat Dye on the Hamilton's Hotline, update on health tactics, Ray Perkins, Gene Stallings, plans for this week

Coach Jimmy Johnson (Opelika High Track & Field) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, successful weekend, updates on the ladies team and spotlighting runners, updates on the boys team and spotlighting runners, State Meet this week, preparing

Audio from Kentucky Derby, the Run for the Roses on NBC this weekend

Atlanta Brave Report

D Mark kicks off the second hour with an updated weather forecast; Coach Erik Speakman (Opelika High Football) on the Hamilton's Hotline, starting Spring practice this week, what he's looking for this season, Spring game against Valley, how many kids on the team this year and the players coming up, home game schedule

Coach Washburn talks about Doctor Lloyd Nix

Doctor Lloyd Nix (Auburn University) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussion on life and his career, story time about Coach Jordan

Alabama Lottery bill, Coach Saverese's speech, last weekend's Hall of Fame event; Bub on the Hamilton's Hotline, commenting on the conversation over the Hall of Fame event over the weekend

Coach Washburn is just now noticing Jeff's shaved face, congratulations to local Baseball

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