Opelika High Baseball, Opelika High Theatre Society, Braves Baseball

April 12, 2019

Legendary Coach Joe Wilson in studio this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by The Opelika Observer); happy birthday to Judge Harold Smith; A-Day weekend; local baseball updates; Coach Zach Blatt (Opelika High Baseball) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing last night's game, team roster, plan going forward and upcoming games in the season

Opelika High Theatre Society in the studio, talking about "The Little Mermaid" musical production, show dates and times, tickets, insights from cast members

Local baseball, brackets, and "playing with what you got"

Previous discussion continues; transfers & common law

Fox Sports AM; D Mark found another friend at the fields in Floral Park; 2019 Masters updates; discussion on the Braves; Cunningham on the Hamilton's Hotline, talking Braves baseball

The rumor is that Jackson High School has found a new coach; Terry Rosenthal (The Orthopaedic Clinic) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing sports physicals at schools, sports medicine program, Final Four and the double-dribble, coaches experimenting

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