Gene Stallings, Derek Lee, 2019 Masters Opens, Ms. Lula, & More

April 11, 2019

Jeff gives us the weather forecast

Big night in local Baseball last night; Brave Report; AHSAA news

Gene Stallings on the Hamilton's Hotline, speaking at a fundraiser event tonight, discussing Auburn's turnout at the Final Four, A-Day coming up, D Mark & Coach talking about the grandkids

Discussing rule changes & proposals; Baseball area rankings

Derek Lee (OPS One) joins the studio, updates on Opelika Ozone team, teaching moments & frustrations

Audio & discussion on the 2019 Masters opening; curious case of the original pimento cheese recipe; bettor puts $85,000 on Tiger Woods winning the Masters

Discussion on Final Four turnout for Auburn; Ms. Lula calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about baseball, her pest problem & The Bug Man, Final Four, Vanderbilt's new Basketball coach, her prediction on who will win the 2019 Masters

Closing the show; A-Day this weekend festivities

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