Opelika Baseball, Bob Ibach, AHSAA Kickoff Classic, & Final Four

April 5, 2019

D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Dixie Boys registration; discussing Beauregard areas; Coach Zach Blatt (Opelika High School) on the Hamilton's Hotline discussing baseball, most recent games against Central & Auburn, next up Russell County, discussing their pitchers, spotlight on players

Auburn NCAA Wilson Basketballs; voting on the lottery, paper tickets vs online; Hall of Fame Coach Danny Petty retires; Daniel Nolan leaves Gulf Shores

Any watercooler talk going on

St. Paul is hiring a new basketball coach; AHSAA Champions Challenge changed to AHSAA Kickoff Classic

D Mark gives us an updated weather forecast; Bob Ibach (former Chicago Cub PR Director) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, speaking about the Auburn NCAA Wilson Basketballs for sale

Football openings; George Spence (Hamilton's) on the Hamilton's Hotline, Jeff talks about dinner at Hamilton's last night, Auburn at the Final Four, menu specifics, updates in Beauregard

Terry Rosenthal (Orthopaedic Clinic) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing updates, young Russell County baseball players, Final Four - women's and men's

Good luck to the Auburn Tigers in the Final Four, birthday & anniversary shoutouts

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