Opelika & Auburn Council Meetings, Beauregard Baseball, Auburn & Final Four

April 3, 2019

Coach Dan Washburn in studio this morning; D Mark gives us the guest lineup for today and the weather forecast (brought by The Opelika Observer); Mayor Gary Fuller (Opelika) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing last night's city council meeting

Storybook Farm Kentucky Derby Day; Coach Matt Cimo (Auburn High Baseball) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, beating Opelika last night, highlights, breaking down Smiths Station and Central teams, remaining schedule for the season, umpires, discussing college basketball

The crew makes a special birthday call; Opelika & Auburn Soccer; Coach Evan Braun (Beauregard Baseball) on the Hamilton's Hotline, highlights on game against Brewbaker Tech, player highlights, upcoming games

D Mark gives us an updated weather forecast; Mayor Ron Anders (Auburn) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, comments and discussion on Auburn & Final Four, flashbacks to attending past games, notes from last night's city council meeting

More discussion on Auburn & Final Four; trip down memory lane; Brave Report; Bill calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, has a question for Jeff and comment on the Brave Report

Wrapping up with local sports; congratulations to Coach Jim Miksis (Lee-Scott Academy) and the Warriors on the area championship

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