Spring Practices, Auburn/Tennessee Baseball Game, Coach Danny Powell

March 19, 2019

Coach Larry Gore in Studio D this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); latest Opelika Baseball games; errors; Coach Rush Propst terminated by Colquitt County

Coach Gore talks about the Auburn/Tennessee Basketball game; Baylor Bears; Yukon; Jeff asks what state has the highest price on beer - venues and sales

Spring practices coming up and Auburn University scrimmages, four players injured; audio from Auburn's Basketball win against Tennessee for the SEC title and commentary on Spring practices

Coach Gore talks about the pace of the Auburn/Tennessee Baseball game from last weekend; news on Opelika Middle School Softball from the weekend; news in Auburn High Track; congratulations to Auburn University Gymnastics from their meet on Friday against Air Force Academy

D Mark gives us an updated weather forecast; Coach Danny Powell (Jackson Aggies) on the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about his official retirement, discusses his run during his career, giving pieces of advice to other coaches out there

Some advice from Coach Larry Gore; discussion of working with coaches and discussion on Coach Avery Johnson

Auburn University Gymnastics headed to the SEC Championships; Braves report (brought by Cannon Carpet One in Opelika)

SEC report over pre-Auburn versus Tennessee game; Jeff asks Coach Gore what sports they had back when he was in school; city council meetings - both Auburn and Opelika, which we'll hear about on tomorrow morning's show; Councilman dials into the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about the weather, D Mark brings up what Ms. Lula was talking about yesterday, asking if Coach Powell was going back to coach at another school

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