Auburn Parks & Rec Disc Golfing, Breaking Super 7 News with Mayor Anders

March 15, 2019

William Jackson (Director of Recreation Programs, Auburn Parks & Rec) in studio this morning; D Mark gives us a rundown of today's guests, the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Bill talks about the Frostbit Open Golf Tournament coming up this weekend; Will Schusterick (three-time U.S. Disc Golf Champion) on the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about his career, how and why disc golfing, hosting a free instructional clinic for disc golf beginners at the Opelika Sportsplex

Head Coach Zach Blatt (Opelika Baseball) on the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about the East Alabama Classic tournament, 7-3 win over Beauregard and most recent games, bringing us up to date with the team, setting up the lineups; Coach Jeff Graba (Auburn University Gymnastics) in Studio D this morning, talking about what he was good at as a gymnast, tonight's meet against Air Force Academy, "organic depth"

Reminiscing; D Mark has breaking news: Alabama and Auburn won yesterday, more on SEC; local sports; Councilman Bub calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about the weather, updates with him, Auburn High and Smiths Station High Schools rankings, East Alabama Classic tournament, Opelika High rankings

D Mark gives us a weather update; Daniel Sexton (Chief, Smiths Station Fire & Rescue) joins Studio D, giving us an update on tornado recovery, Mount Olive Church opens up a disaster recovery center, explaining wreckage from the tornado; Mayor Ron Anders (Auburn) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, Super 7 to be hosted in Auburn this Fall due to a construction project in Tuscaloosa

On the Mark is the only media outlet to report changes to the Super 7

Jeff talks about being a team host for Super 7; Terry Rosenthal (CEO, The Orthopaedic Clinic) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing Super 7, Coach Rush Propst fired by Colquitt County, coaches caught up in the whole paying players situations, picks for NFL, substances, proposed Baseball rules changing

Head Coach Nick Richardson (Tuscaloosa County Baseball) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, in town for the East Alabama Classic tournament, specifics on his 7A program in Tuscaloosa County, games today and tomorrow, helping out Payton Wadley's family out of Beauregard

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