Coach Gene Stallings, Derek Lee, Sheriff Jay Jones & Comm Robert Ham

March 7, 2019

D Mark starts off the morning with the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Coach Gene Stallings calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, comments/concerns on the tornado here in Lee County, updates on Mrs. Ruth Ann, keeping up with sports, and how/why he went from pros to college

Yesterday's baseball game between Auburn High and Opelika High; article on the difference between Auburn and Alabama basketball by; Robert dials into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk sports

The link to Lee County GoFundMe page on the website (all proceeds go towards recovery efforts); fake news; Opelika Lions Club Pancake Jamboree; Derek Lee (OPS One) joins the studio, comments on the tornado and those effected here in Lee County, and sharing a story from his childhood with an experience with a tornado

Sheriff Jay Jones & Commissioner Robert Ham in the studio, discussing the devastation from the tornado here in Lee County, spreading love out there to those effected and those stepping up to help, recovery efforts, volunteering and what people can do to help

Discussion on admiration towards Sheriff Jay Jones, Commissioner Robert Ham, all first responders and everyone who have coordinated together to help Lee County through the devastation from the tornado; Derek Lee (OPS One) discusses their part in recovery

D Rock calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, sending out thoughts and prayers to those effected by the tornado in Lee County, discussing Alex Trebek story, and sharing great news about his baseball team (11-12 yo)

Councilman Bub calls into the Hamilton's Hotline, commenting on the tragedy here in Lee County due to the tornado, Marbury classification, 2019 Freedom Bowl

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