Mayor Gary Fuller, Mayor Ron Anders, Coach Matt Cimo, Coach Jim Miksis

March 6, 2019

Coach Dan Washburn in studio D this morning; D Mark gives us the rundown of guests that will be on this morning and the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Mayor Gary Fuller on the Hamitlon's Hotline, commenting on the tragedy here in Lee County after Sunday's tornado, keeping us in the know from the city council meeting

Coach Matt Cimo (Auburn High Baseball) on the Hamilton's Hotline, gives us a rundown of his team in stats, looking forward to tonight's game against Opelika, goes over his starting lineup

Coach Dewayne Drakeford (former Beauregard Boys Basketball coach) calls into the Hamitlon's Hotline, Nazareth Baptist Church will be a distribution center for tornado victims

Mayor Ron Anders (Auburn) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to comment on the tragedy from Sunday's tornado in Lee County, city council meeting notes; Lee-Scott Academy track meeting results; Alabama State Department of Education requesting funds from Education Funding to defend Mary Scott Hunter, being sued

Rival game with Auburn High and Opelika High tonight; Coach Jim Miksis (Lee-Scott Academy Baseball) on the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about last night's win against Glenwood, highlights from the game, upcoming games in the season

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