Auburn High Ladies Basketball, Mark Jones Retiring, SEC Basketball, & More

Coach Washburn joins the show this morning; thoughts and prayers go out to Joe Jackson; D Mark gives us the weather forecast; Mayor Gary Fuller (City of Opelika) calls into the Hamitlon's Hotline to speak on yesterday's voting day, the Opelika Lady Bulldogs winning their game against Carver and moving onto Birmingham next week, and discussing last night's city council meeting

Coach Courtney Pritchett (Auburn High Lady Basketball) calls into the Hamitlon's Hotline to talk about their win against Central and moving on to the Final Four, details on yesterday's game, and Coach Washburn gives Coach Pritchett a piece of advice.

Mark Jones (Director of Officials AHSAA) on the Hamilton's Hotline, going down memory lane with Coach Washburn, discussing his retirement as Director of Officials AHSAA, and the experience behind officiating.

Jeff talks about his neighbor, Junior; Texas A&M beat the University of Alabama Basketball team (65 - 56); standings in SEC Basketball

Jeff goes through the list of the Top 10 SEC Running Backs; AHSAA vs Davenport case updates

The two-year investigation on Tim Donaghy (former referee of NBA) on fixing games

Wrapping up the show with some last minute local High School Basketball scores and upcoming games

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