Local High School Basketball, Voting Day, AU Equestrian, & More

Coach Larry Gore joins in on the show this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast; updates from Coach Gore; local High School Baseball; Coach Devin Booth (Opelika High School Ladies Basketball) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about regional games and the road leading up until today's playoff game against Carver, team player stats, comments made by the head coach of Carver before the game, and the experience at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery.

Becky Brown and Daniel Chesser come in to talk about voting day (renewing tax measures that support Auburn, Opelika, and Lee County school systems), discussing the tax renewal, multiple measures as voting options, and where to go vote. Mayor Ron Anders (City of Auburn) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline adds in on today's election, and the Auburn officer shooting last Friday.

The statement NBA official Tim Donaghy made on "fixing games"; Mayor Gary Fuller (City of Opelika) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about voting day, and today's Opelika High School Ladies Basketball playoff game against Carver.

D Mark gives us an update with the weather forecast; Auburn University's Gymnastics meet against Arkansas last Friday; the sport of Equestrian; Coach Avery's response to the University of Alabama Basketball game against Florida last Saturday; Coach Greg Williams (Auburn University Equestrian) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about the sport, how judging is done, and moving horses.

Jeff brings up Nascar in the conversation, talking about who won; Josh Donaldson shows up five days early for Braves camp, spring training, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper yet to sign; Russell County hiring for coaching spot; John Henry (owner of Boston Red Sox) talk about bigger payroll helping out sports.

Jeff questions Manny Machado and Bryce Harper being "clutch" guys; regionals games for local High School Basketball

Basketball playoffs

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