Coach Gene Stallings, Auburn Gymnastics, SEC Basketball, AISA Basketball

D Mark gives us the weather forecast; Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton’s Hotline, talking about Valentine’s Day, his opinion on specialization in sports travelling, how he would manage it if he were a High School coach, his process of recruiting players coming out of High School, his thoughts on cutting players and tryouts, the player that improved the most from signing them out of High School to coming out of college, how he managed to get married during Football season, what stats he looked at when recruiting players, and his opinion on Kyler Murray’s decision towards NFL.

Back in Studio D with James Cooper (Western Sizzlin) and Coach Graba (Auburn University Gymnastics); Graba discussing last week’s gymnastics meet against Florida, where the team is at right now with lineups – floors, bars, beams – Arkansas ranking and team stats, what he and the team are expecting out of the meet this week, “Shorter Than Coach Graba Night” for Friday’s meet against Arkansas (anyone 5’5” and shorter FREE admission), SEC rankings, lineups for this week’s meet, and how many participants are in each event.

Derek Lee (Director of Opelika Power Services) and James Cooper (Western Sizzlin) hanging out; nothing but great things to say about Coach Graba, discussing more on gymnastics and Auburn’s meet against Florida last week; Auburn Baseball Opener tomorrow night and Opelika Basketball Regional Basketball tomorrow; review of yesterday’s Auburn Tigers Men’s Basketball game against the Ole Miss Rebels; review of Alabama Crimson Tide Men’s Basketball game against Mississippi State; review of other SEC Basketball games; James Cooper giving away gift certificates for Western Sizzlin Valentine’s Day dinner; Robert Zachary calls into the Hamilton’s Hotline and wins a King/Queen Dinner from Western Sizzlin, discusses Alabama Crimson Tide Basketball and their possibilities of Quadrant One or Two wins (NCAA Tournament).

LSU vs. Kentucky Basketball game, calls made during the game, and discussing the process of missed calls by referees/umpires.

Specials at Western Sizzlin (King & Queen Valentine’s Day Dinner, Kid’s Night every Thursday, Catfish Specials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays); upcoming games in the SEC; Sam Smith calls into the Hamilton’s Hotline, trying to win a King & Queen Valentine’s Day Dinner

AISA Basketball round-up; Baseball starts up next week; Sam Bailey (Opelika Parks and Rec) calls into the Hamilton’s Hotline talking about Baseball and leagues; Miss Lula on the Hamilton’s Hotline wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, she’s getting “harassed” by Bub the Bug Man, her plans for the night

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