Coach John Wadsworth, Area Tournaments, Super Bowl Recaps, and More

Coach Joe Wilson joins the show today; D Mark gives us the weather forecast; Coach John Wadsworth (Opelika High Boys' Basketball Head Coach) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about last night's win against Russell County for the Area Basketball Tournament, upcoming games and how the team's doing.

D Mark lays out the 2019 Area Tournaments and teams

St. Paul vs. AHSAA held yesterday and D Mark gives us the whole story on that

Discussion of amateurism is brought up in Studio D

Update on the weather forecast; upcoming SEC games and where to watch them

Auburn Tiger Basketball; Terry Rosenthal (Orthopaedic Center) on the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about the Super Bowl

Discussion on Smitty Grider becoming the 1st football coach at Dothan High School

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