Coach Stallings, Recruitment and Ranking, Representative Kyle South & More

D Mark gives us the weather forecast; Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton's Hotline to give us updates with him, discuss the Super Bowl (Jared Goff, Julian Edelman), finishing up with recruitments and rankings for SEC Football.

More discussion on recruitments out of local Alabama High Schools; High School Basketball, completed and upcoming Area Tournaments

Derek Lee (director at Opelika Power Services) joins Studio D to talk about watching the Super Bowl over at Hamilton's and what was on the menu for the big game, and the Basketball league of the Western conference.

Alabama State Representative Kyle South calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about WATVC (West Alabama TV Cable), the Davenport case against AHSAA and the bill he's drafted to provide a measure of government oversight of the AHSAA operations.

More conversation on the Davenport vs. AHSAA case

Coach Dan Washburn talks about the Alabama legislature financial funds

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