Word on Goodell, Auburn and Opelika High Basketball Coaches, Super Bowl

Preview of today's guests; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought to you by the Opelika Observer); Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton's Hotline to share his thoughts on the Super Bowl this weekend, discussing Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell's words on NFL missed calls, and Mike Stoops (former Oklahoma defensive coordinator) finalizing deal in joining the University of Alabama's coaching staff as an analyst.

Auburn University Basketball game last night...close call and tipped it off against Missouri; promoting Auburn High and Opelika High Basketball game tonight; featured clip of Roger Goodell speaking on the missed calls in the NFL; Coach Courtney Pritchett (Head Coach for Auburn High Ladies Basketball team) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about winning the area title, team stats, honorable mentions, highlight over expectations out of tonight's game against Opelika High, and his career path.

Coach Devin Booth (Head Coach for Opelika High Ladies Basketball team) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about tonight's game against Auburn High, Senior Night, team stats and senior mentions, what she expects out of the final home game of the season, and touching on next week's area tournament.

Derek Lee (Opelika Power Services) joins the show to talk about any mishaps this week because of the weather and the recovery process when/if anything happens.

Jeff and Derek discuss the Super Bowl this weekend (predictions and picks), the three missed calls in the NFL, Auburn & Opelika High Basketball games tonight, and changing sports seasons.

More discussion on the work behind Opelika Power Services

Who is Derek Lee picking to win the Super Bowl and what are his plans for the big game? Jeff and Derek both are big fans of Hamilton's on Magnolia/Ogletree, they discuss the atmosphere and the menu

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