Opelika & Auburn High Basketball, AHSAA Legal Cases, Super Bowl Predictions

Coach Dan Washburn is in the studio for this morning's show; preview of upcoming guests today; D Mark gives us the weather forecast; Coach Wadsworth (Opelika High School Head Basketball Coach) calls into the Hamilton's Hotline talking about tomorrow's game against Auburn High, updates with the team, stats on players, and past games in review.

Thoughts on the AHSAA/Davenport case; continuing Basketball talk with Coach Chris Brandt (Auburn High Head Basketball Coach), Senior Night tonight, tomorrow night's game against Opelika High School, other upcoming games, this season so far, catching up on team stats, and area games.

St. Paul's Episcopal School (private school in Mobile, AL) vs. AHSAA case hearing will take place next week (February 7th); financial aid with private schools and athletics; following the rules; the word on trying to move the Davenport vs. AHSAA case

What does it take to be a coach?; rules and regulations and how they come about; treatment of coaches and student athletes as individuals

Super Bowl halftime performances; Police Federal Agents set up for Super Bowl security, "because they have to", the game will bring international attention (target for terrorism); threats and gun protection

Coach Washburn attended the Alabama Coaches Association Banquet last Saturday; we go to the Hamilton's Hotline to talk to Mr. Arnold about treatment coaches and student athletes and LaFayette Basketball.

Wrapping up the show with highlights on local events; Miss Lula calls into the Hamilton's Hotline to talk about life, the "snowstorm" weather, and Super Bowl predictions.

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