Opelika High School Basketball, NCAA Violation Story, SEC Report, & More

D Mark gives us an update on the weather forecast; Coach Joe Wilson joins in on the conversation in Studio D; local Basketball updates; Coach John Wadsworth (Opelika High Boys’ Basketball) calls into the Hamilton’s Hotline to talk about last night’s loss against LaFayette, team stats, and Benjamin Russell’s gym.

Coach Joe Wilson is still hanging out with the show, discussing the Alabama vs. Clemson National Championship game and coach hiring’s around the state.

Opinions on the AHSAA go around the studio and rumors on Lee County coaches changing jobs close by.

Studio D goes over the Opelika Lady Bulldogs Basketball rankings and their 63-31 win over LaFayette last night and the story over Tennessee AD Phillip Fulmer getting a NCAA violation.

Coach Joe Wilson gives us an update on his life and family; the SEC report over Auburn University Ladies Basketball; weather forecast update from D Mark; referee admits to making a bad call at the end of the 4th in OKC vs. Lakers.

The guys briefly brush on politics and performing arts; Terry Rosenthal (from The Orthopaedic Clinic) joins the show through the Hamilton’s Hotline, Coach Joe Wilson speaks on his knee replacement, and coach swapping/changes.

The show wraps up by speaking on the benefits of having a step counter.

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